Dog Walkers Peterborough

Welcome to Doggy Paws dog walkers Peterborough, we offer a professional, friendly and reliable dog walking in the Peterborough area. Doggy Paws dog walkers Peterborough always puts the care and happiness of your dog and delivering a first class dog walking service as the number one priority.

Dog Walkers Peterborough

Dog Walking Service Peterborough

Daily dog walks with Doggy Paws dog walking service Peterborough are excellent for both physical and mental health as well as being wonderful in correcting inactivity related behavioral problems.

Daily dog walks with Doggy Paws dog walking service Peterborough are excellent for both physical and mental health as well as being wonderful in correcting inactivity related behavioural problems. By using our Peterborough dog walking service will keep your dog healthy, happy all day long. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation every day, by delivering regular dog walks will enhance the long term health of your dog. Dogs that remain home alone will get bored, restless and anxiety will kick in. Using our dog walking services will ensure your dog will get fresh air and burn off excess energy. This will prevent destructive behaviour such as chewing or digging.

Group Dog Walker Peterborough

Group Dog Walks Peterborough

Dogs instinctively love to socialise with one another. Our fun-filled group dog walks Peterborough combine lots of walking for exercise and many companions for your dog to pal around with.

Group dog walks offer many benefits such as socialisation, endorsing good behaviour, burning off your dog’s excess energy.

Our dog walker with take your dog on group dog walks which are the best way for your dog to experience playing with strange dogs whilst in a safe protected environment. New routes, sounds and even new smells are crucial in your dog’s daily development for your dog to learn how to handle different situations. Your dog will learn to ignore these distractions like noise and smells, which prevents your dog from being overwhelmed in crowded streets or other dogs passing during their walks.

If your dog is in good health and can socialise with other dogs, then we recommend Peterborough group dog walks.

Single Dog Walker Peterborough

1 to 1 Dog Walks Peterborough

We understand that not all dogs get on with other dogs, therefore we offer private 1-1 dog walks throughout Peterborough, this is designed for dogs that cannot socialise with other dogs. When providing your dog with a private dog walk our staff will also be happy to follow any instructions you might have.

We always advise our customers to socialise their dog with other dogs between 6 to 12 weeks old until at least 6 months. Socialisation helps prevent future underlining issues such as barking, aggressive behaviour, biting or even attacking other dogs or people.

Puppy Visiting Peterborough

Puppy Visits Peterborough

Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful experience yet puppies require a special services. We understand that it can take several weeks to get your puppy toilet trained. Contact Doggy Paws puppy visits Peterborough we can help. We can assist in your timely toilet training regime by popping in and let your puppy out to the toilet, clean up the mess, feed you’re puppy etc. Doggy Paws puppy visits Peterborough have helped many families through the puppy toilet phase.

Puppy Walking Peterborough

Puppy Walks Peterborough

Doggy Paws Puppy Walking Service Peterborough can help.

Once your puppy is old enough to go outside, you can arrange with our puppy walks Peterborough staff to take him/her out for short walks (normally two times). At about 4-5 months of age, your pup will be ready to join our group walks Peterborough in the company of other dogs, this will also help to socialise your dog with others.