Pet Services Peterborough

Doggy Paws Pet Services Peterborough are very proud of our pet services Peterborough. These services include: dog walking, pet sitting, doggy day care, dog sitting, single dog walks, group dog walks, and own brand dog food.

The welfare of all animals is paramount to our Pet Services Peterborough team. Doggy Paws strives to maintain the usual daily routine for each animal in our care in order to relieve the stress that may result when animals are moved from their own environment and from their owners.

Doggy Paws pet services Peterborough staff are dedicated animal lovers, experienced in their field of care, qualified and insured.

Dog Walker Peterborough

Dog Walkers Peterborough

At Doggy Paws dog walkers Peterborough we offer a comprehensive dog walking service, which we tailor to you and your dogs needs. We strive to provide a fun, safe environment to walk your dog in. We will come and collect your dog in our van, which is furnished with crates to ensure their safety whilst in transit, and return them afterwards, tired and happy. Although some dogs may initially be apprehensive about getting in the crates, they soon learn that it means walk time- and jump in happily! We take the dogs to a number of different places, depending on what your dog enjoys. If they love swimming, then we make sure there is a river or lake, but if they just like a leisurely stroll, then we head out to the countryside and walk through the fields. We find the dogs enjoy the company and stimulation of the other dogs more than the walk and their surroundings!

Doggy Daycare Peterborough

Doggy Daycare Peterborough

At Doggy Paws Doggy Day Care Peterborough, we’re as committed to your dog’s happiness and well-being as you are. We dedicate our doggy day care Peterborough services and experience to providing your dog with a fun, friendly, action packed alternative to lonely days at home. Our Doggy Day Care Peterborough Services are committed to giving your dog(s) the very best. At Doggy Paws, we understand that your dog requires exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviours such as chewing, licking, digging, or even barking. When your pet plays, it helps to keep your dog’s body and mind active – leading to a healthier, happier, better behaving pet. That’s why your dog’s stay in our Doggy Day Care Service is always rich with activities and interest. Every day is filled with stimulation, interaction, play, as well as nap and quiet time, in a clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment.

Dog Sitting Peterborough

Pet Home Visits Peterborough

Of course, not all dogs are quite up to going out for long walks! Whether your dog is a puppy or a more mature pooch, sometimes you just need somebody to come in, let your dog out, and give them a bit of fuss and a cuddle. We can certainly help with this, and would be pleased to discuss any specific requirements, such as medication, etc.
With our home visits Peterborough service we look after any other household pets- whether you are away on holiday and need your guinea pig feeding, or just away for a night and don’t want your cat to feel abandoned, we are here to help.

Pet Feeding Peterborough

Pet Sitters Peterborough

Doggy Paws pet sitters Peterborough offers a flexible pet sitting service to meet your needs whilst your away from home. Our pet sitters Peterborough will come to your property and feed, water and look after your pets when you are away. Try our Pet Sitters Peterborough