Doggy Daycare Peterborough

Doggy Daycare Peterborough

Doggy Paws – Doggy Daycare Peterborough are as committed to your dog’s happiness and well-being as you are. We dedicate our doggy daycare service and our experience to provide your dog with a fun, friendly, action packed alternative to lonely days at home.

Your dog will experience a day care of fun, exercise and companionship while you are away for the day at work. You can go out and feel rest assured knowing that your dog is safe and being cared for with love and affection within Doggy Paws – Doggy Day Care Peterborough.

At Doggy Paws Peterborough, we understand that your dog requires exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviours such as chewing, licking, digging, or even barking. When your pet plays during our doggy day care Peterborough, it helps to keep your dog’s body and mind active – leading to a healthier, happier, better behaved pet.

COLLECTION. 08:30hrs – 09:30hrs

We collect your dog in our van fitted with comfortable, spacious and secure cages.

Doggy Daycare Centre Peterborough


Your dog enjoys a group walk with the rest of the pack, playing and exploring in the countryside.

Dogs Playing Doggy Daycare Centre Peterborough

HOME TIME 14:00hrs – 15:00hrs

Your dog returns home with a quick wipe down to prevent muddy footprints in the house.

Doggy Daycare Cost Peterborough


Nap time for the dogs!

Dog tired after Doggy Daycare Peterborough